Barangay Luttuad, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


Barangay Luttuad, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


In days gone by, this place was a thick forest by the bank of the river along the Rizal District of Diffun. Wild animals were abundant in this place, but the area was still uncharted by farmers.

The story goes that a small group of youngsters from Manila ventured along the said river. They had with them an Ilocano guide who was also a youngster like them.

While at the riverbank after crossing the river, they spotted a warthog which they shot but missed. Filled with youthful impetuosity, they had the temerity to chase the animal into the forest, unmindful of the perils that lay beyond. The chase went to no avail; and soon they were lost in the thick jungle.

Shriveled with thirst they abandoned the chase and instead looked for water to drink. They found none. By the time that they almost gave up, one of them stumbled upon a spring that spewed out bubbling crystal water. Their exhilaration and joy made the Ilocano shout, “Ne, danum nga agpupuswak?”

The Tagalog youngsters naturally marveled at the novelty of hearing genuine Ilocano words; and they took note of the word puswak.

The boys moved on as soon as they were refreshed to search for a way back to town. But the difficulty of hiking was made more difficult due to the very thick vegetation of the terrain. They found no trails to follow. The day wore on and their feet became sore from walking through thick brushes and vine entanglements.

 But at last they stumbled upon a narrow trail that was frequently used by carabaos. Their spirits renewed, they followed the muddy and slippery trail. The Ilocano, ever the grumbling boy, complained, “Anya metten, lutlut la ngaruden nagalis pay!” to which the Tagalog youngsters burst into laughter. Hearing rapid words which to them was strange language amused them greatly.

The outburst of laughter made their hearts soar once more with vitality; and regain strength; they rested in a small clearing. All in jest, while they were resting, they jokingly named the place luttuad – a name they coined from the jumbled funny words lutlut, lintuad, and ubbog – a name to remember their adventure by.

That name stuck to this day, and the barangay is officially named Luttuad.

The first wave of settlers in Luttuad were of the family names Ramos, Bonilla, Marquez, Garin, Gabrillo, Tabita, Antolin, Baniqued, and Sobrepeña. As per recorded history of the barangay, these families arrived here in 1950.


Their arrival paved the way for more waves of settlers to follow; and now the community has progressed enough to come to terms with amenities of modern day living.

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